White Paper –Why Resolving Insurance Claims Without the Added Cost of Lawyers and Courts Makes Sense

As a litigation attorney, I can tell you that the one of the main reasons claimants hire lawyers is because they are offended by something an insurance adjuster/claims handler says. What if that could be avoided and the claimant and claims handler could work together to get the claim resolved quickly and fairly?

We have to recognize that claims handlers are very good at assessing claim liability and claim value, and they are very good at interacting with computers. But, claims handlers are not always very skilled at communicating with people and companies about claims.

They often offend people and companies who perceive the claims handler as dismissive, as not caring, as adversarial, and as trying to avoid paying claims. That’s when people and companies with claims hire lawyers.

Once claimants hire lawyers, the claim gets more difficult. It gets more expensive and takes longer to resolve.

And, costing more and taking longer is not always necessary. Complex claims may require lawyers’ involvement, but straightforward claims should get resolved quickly and without excess cost to the insurance company or claimants.

No Lawyers Allowed offers a unique opportunity that benefits both a claims handler and a claimant. It all starts online and ends with a resolution – and, without the added costs of lawyers and courts.

Here’s how No Lawyers Allowed (“NLA”) mediation works in the claims scenario:

1. Either the claimant or the claims handler registers the claim with NLA with a click of a button and the stroke of a few keys online. It’s free, confidential, and non-adversarial;

2. An email goes out inviting the claimant and claims handler to NLA mediation (without lawyers) and shares information about what mediation is and why it is worth trying. It’s free and confidential and non-adversarial;

3. If the claimant and claims handler both agree to participate in NLA mediation, they prepare through a simple NLA online course (lawyers can help here if the participants wish);

4. The claimant and claims handler both submit their mediation statements to a mediator online to help the mediator get an understanding of the claim and both participants’ perspective;

5. Mediation is scheduled online;

6. Mediation happens – and, the claimant and claims handler participate without lawyers. The mediator works with the claimant and claims handler separately. The mediator takes on discussing difficult topics that tend to offend claimants so the claims handler will not have to, and the mediator discusses parts of the claim that handlers may overlook when valuing the claim from a computer.

7. No one is offended, and the claim resolves for a fair and reasonable amount. And, the claims handler and claimant will only have spent $500 each to reach the resolution.

It is amazing how effective the claims resolution process can be with the aid of a NLA mediator and the NLA mediation process. It is so easy to get started and once started, a NLA mediator and the NLA process enhances communication and advances a fair resolution of a claim without the added costs of lawyers and courts.

This benefits the claimant because the claimant will not have to pay lawyer fees, which means the claimant will retain more of the claims settlement money and they will receive the money sooner. It also benefits the insurance company and claims handler because they can get the claim resolved sooner and without having to pay lawyers.

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