When Can We Agree to Mediate?

When can people and companies agree to mediate? People and companies can agree to mediate before or after a dispute arises.

Before a dispute arises is a great time to agree to mediate. Including a dispute resolution provision in an agreement is how people and companies agree to mediate before a dispute arises.

A dispute resolution provision pre-determines what will occur if a dispute arises between those in a contract together. It is a set of rules agreed upon in advance of any dispute – just in case.

Having agreed upon a set of rules before a dispute arises takes all the guess work out of what will happen if a dispute arises. A dispute resolution provision also helps those in contract with one another to pre-determine their dispute resolution costs in advance of a dispute arising. That’s smart planning.

If a No Lawyers Allowed dispute resolution clause is used, those in a contract will know exactly how any dispute will be resolved, and exactly how much it will cost. It will be convenient because so much of it takes place online. It will cost $1,000 and that cost will be split among those in the dispute.

So easy, why wouldn’t you include a NLA dispute resolution provision in your agreements? Another reason to include a NLA dispute resolution provision in your agreements is that there is no guaranty of mediation without it.

If avoiding costs of lawyers and courts is important to you, you’ll want to include the agreement to mediate in any and every agreement before a dispute arises. After a dispute arises, there is no guaranty that those involved in the dispute will agree to mediate.

Emotions run high after a dispute arises. People or companies might let their emotions get the better of them. They might run off and hire lawyers. If they hire lawyers, what will you do? You will hire lawyers.

This scenario is exactly why disputes that should be resolved without lawyers and courts end up costing people a lot of money. It does not have to be that way.

Think ahead. Agree to mediate in advance.

If you do not agree to mediate in advance, try to keep your cool and agree to mediate after a dispute arises and before running off and hiring lawyers and heading to court. And, then, hope the others involved in the dispute can do the same.

We’re hear to help when you are ready. Go NLA today. Get your justice with us.

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