Things Aren’t Right in the Workplace?

So, you’ve got a job and things aren’t right in the workplace? But, concerned about losing your job if you say something about it?

If you are fired or demoted or treated differently for raising your workplace problem, you may have some protections. If you are engaged in a protected activity under the law, you may be protected against retaliation.

Have an employer who is paying one gender less than another? There may be a pay disparity situation there.

Have an employer who is not living up to promises about work or pay for work? There may be a contract or wage claim there.

Want to raise the situation in an amicable and professional way and HR isn’t helping? Try No Lawyers Allowed.

Register your problem and let us know you want your name on it. If after NLA sends out the invitation to mediate, you are fired or treated differently, you might have recourse – and, your employer might have even more reason to give NLA a try.

There are no guarantees in the law. And, for every exception to a law, another exception exists. The law and courts are very unpredictable.

NLA, however, is a predictable process with a predictable cost. And, it may just be what you and your employer need to mutually benefit and resolve a problem.

There’s nothing like having an NLA neutral third-party mediator trained in the law and in dispute resolution to help folks through a problem. And, the employee and the employer will be better off for having given it a shot.

Be strong. Be brave. Go NLA today and get your justice with us.

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