Still Don't Understand Mediation? Let Us Help.

You still do not understand what mediation is? It’s not your fault. Our society has been so “see you in Court” and “talk to my lawyer” for so long, that few folks understand what it means to resolve a dispute through mediation.

Funny how the rich and the powerful started the “see you in Court” and “talk to my lawyer” mentality, but were the first to retreat. Easy to sound tough, but tough to pay for it. That's reality.

Mediation is not the answer to every problem. But, it comes close.

The true power of mediation comes from the people and companies who agree to give it a shot. These are people and companies who really value taking a problem head-on and getting it resolved under their own terms instead of letting it fester and be resolved by others.

Giving it a shot means trusting in the process of turning a problem into a binding and enforceable agreement that resolves the problem. Giving it a shot means trusting in your guide through the process.

Your guide is your mediator. Your mediator will be down to earth.

You can talk to them. You can tell them things that you do want anyone else to know.

Your mediator has one goal in sight – resolution of your problem. They are your confidential counselor sworn to secrecy in the name of resolution.

Your mediator at NLA will be a lawyer who has seen first-hand what hiring lawyers means. Your NLA mediator is also so committed to helping you avoid needing to hire lawyers that they decided to get trained in ways to resolve disputes that help you avoid needing lawyers and courts.

You have to realize how powerful that is – here’s a lawyer-mediator who is committing their all to helping those involved in a problem find a resolution - without having to hire lawyers. And, by agreeing to give mediation a shot, you empower this person to explore possibilities for resolution that extend far beyond your imagination.

You know the power of the old way - each side hiring lawyers and spending every last nickel to fight to the end. It drives people and companies to financial collapse.

Now, get to know the power of the new way - you and others involved in a problem believing in a common path forward (avoiding courts and lawyers). It drives people and companies to flourish.

This is an alternative that is real, and that really works. It simply has not been opened up and made easily accessible to all – until now. Now there’s NLA.

Just visit us online and enter your name and email and start your journey on the road to resolution. You have to be brave and strong and believe in the process, but NLA and your NLA mediator will be with you the whole way.

Be brave. Be strong. Go NLA to day and get your justice with us.

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