Procrastination Killed the Cat

You know why most people end up having to hire lawyers to handle their disputes? They waited, they pushed it off, they ignored it, and they procrastinated. Then, they got served with court papers!

Their own private ticket to judicial system hell. And, now they need hire a lawyer to be their tour guide.

The tour will be filled with years of fun to come. It will be the most expensive and most unenjoyable vacation of your entire life. It will be a journey you will never wish to repeat.

Remember, this warning is coming from a lawyer who has been there and who is telling you to “Run! Don’t hire me. Don’t look back and just run! Get as far away from judicial system hell as you can.”

Even if your distrust of lawyers runs high, is this a warning that you’d want to ignore just because it is coming from a lawyer? Do you really need to experience judicial system hell before realizing that the lawyer who is telling you to run and not hire them is being honest with you?

And, if you really do not trust lawyers, and you need to hear from a non-lawyer, ask someone who has been through the process. I know I have never had a client come back to me and say, “Thank you. Thank you, so, much, for that wonderful experience that I had over the last three or four years in court. I am so glad I spent all that money and time and had my battle weighing so heavily on my mind for all that time.”

Haven’t heard it. Never will.

The most satisfying sound I hear from clients in litigation is, relief. If you’ve heard relief before, you know what I mean. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

If you haven’t heard or seen relief, I guess, I’d say imagine the sound of the weight of the world being lifted off a person’s shoulders. The sight of a person collapsing into a pool of perfection that carries them effortlessly into bliss. And, while a rush of every emotion overtakes them as the relief sets in.

As a lawyer who assisted clients in reaching that state of relief, it is incredibly rewarding to see and hear. I don’t hear or see that in court.

I see it out of court. I see it in mediation or when settlement negotiations go well and a fair resolution is reached.

No one wants a dispute – whether it is a claim, disagreement, or just flat out fight. Everyone wants relief.

Get there. Stay there. Understand that there are tools out there to use early and often to avoid disputes, and tools to resolve a dispute early if one does arise. Procrastinating will not make a problem go away. Procrastination will put you on a tour of judicial system hell.

Don’t wait to be served with court papers. Get out in front of every dispute, claim, conflict, battle, or whatever. Steer it, don’t let it steer you. Don’t let it drag you down. Put it down.

Control your destiny and control how conflict in your life is resolved. No Lawyers Allowed is here to help you.

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