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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

At long last, there is a dispute resolution service that focuses on the needs of people with disputes and that eliminates road blocks to resolution (i.e., lawyers when they are not necessary, that is). Welcome to No Lawyers Allowed Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services. We are an organization dedicated to dispute resolution and the people in need of getting disputes resolved quickly, and in a cost-effective manner.

Mediation has been recognized as an effective tool for dispute resolution for many years. But, it is getting ruined and it is not accessible to all. Lawyers have become the gatekeepers to mediation. More and more, lawyers tend to introduce mediation to their clients only after clients have spent a lot of money on lawyers. By then, clients have two problems - the one they brought to their lawyer and the other one is that they spent a lot of money on their dispute. Once at mediation, the problem grows. The client is paying the lawyer to attend mediation as well as a mediator.

At No Lawyers Allowed Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services we make dispute resolution accessible and affordable. The only barrier to mediation here is the willingness of those in a dispute to commit to getting the dispute resolved. We take care of the rest.

Life is too busy and too short. The last thing you need is a dispute hanging over your head. The same is probably true for the person or company who is on the other side of the dispute. Look there. We already helped people in a dispute find something that they can agree upon. We're halfway to getting your dispute resolved!

The next step is for someone to register the dispute with No Lawyers Allowed at Anyone can register a dispute - even if they are not involved in the dispute. It is free and information provided during registration is confidential.

Once the dispute is registered, No Lawyers Allowed sends out an email invitation to those involved in the dispute. The email invitation does not say who registered the dispute. It says that someone who cares about you let us know that you have a dispute that needs to get resolved. We'd like to help. The email invitation provides information about mediation and why it is a great way to get disputes resolved. We also explain how No Lawyers Allowed makes it easy to participate.

If all of those receiving the email invitation respond to the invitation by acknowledging their willingness to participate in a No Lawyers Allowed mediation session, No Lawyers Allowed will send out mediation preparation kits. The kits are on-line and can be accessed by the participants any where, and at any time for the participants' convenience. No Lawyers Allowed preparation kit includes video, audio, and written tutorials about mediation, how to prepare, and what to expect. By the time mediation is scheduled, you will be prepared and you will be ready to get your dispute resolved.

After all of the participants have completed their preparation, a mediation will be scheduled with one of the No Lawyers Allowed mediators. Our mediators are all trained and certified. And, our mediators are lawyers, and lawyers who went on to be judges, but who are now retired. I know we said No Lawyers Allowed. But this is different. Our lawyers act as advocates for resolution, not as advocates for a "win" and a pay check. Lawyers who have been in court are the best people to explain why you should avoid taking your dispute to court at all costs. And, think about it, a lawyer who is helping you resolve your dispute so you do not need a lawyer can't be all bad.

Take control of resolving your dispute. Register your dispute at today, and let's get your dispute resolved.

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.