Dispute + NLA = Resolution

Dispute + NLA = Resolution. It is as true as 1 + 1 = 2. The math is easy.

If you don’t give No Lawyers Allowed mediation a shot, here’s what you’ll get:

If you give No Lawyers Allowed mediation a shot, here’s what you’ll get:

Plus, where else can you register your dispute on-line and prepare for mediation on-line at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home? At No Lawyers Allowed, disputes are registered on-line; invitations to mediation are sent out on-line; agreements to mediate are signed on-line; mediation preparation takes place on-line through a series of courses that culminate in the preparation and submission of a mediation statement on-line; and the mediation is scheduled on-line. Only thing left to do is go to mediation and get the dispute resolved.

No excuses. Get it done for yourself through No Lawyers Allowed from the convenience of your couch, or have it done for you through lawyers, judges, and a jury through many inconvenient and expensive trips to the courthouse.

Go NLA today. Get justice with us.

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.