“I… welcome an opportunity to be part of a program that resolves issues and keeps more money in the clients’ pockets, since so often money is what causes the dispute in the first place.”


Our mediators are all trained and certified Dispute Resolution Specialist.  They have also been trained in the No Lawyers Allowed program and process. Our mediators are all lawyers, and lawyers who went on to be judges, but who are now retired. 


We know we said "No Lawyers Allowed," but this is different.  At a NLA mediation there is only one lawyer, but who is not acting as a lawyer.  They are not wearing their "lawyer" hat, they are wearing their mediator hat and are acting as a neutral third-party.  NLA mediators act as advocates for resolution, not as advocates for a "win" fighting it out in court.


Lawyers who have advocated for clients in our court system, and who realize that the court system is not the best solution, are often the best people to help you reach a resolution.  They can give you example after example of cases they won, but should have lost and cases they lost but should have won. They can tell you first-hand about judges who are over-worked and do not always make the “right” decision, the appeals that follow, and the expense and time that the process takes.  They can tell you about juries – twelve strangers in a box whose lives are being totally disrupted to listen to your dispute that they could care less about because they are missing work, having to make alternative plans to care for their families, and because they are not there voluntarily and have other things to do.  These twelve strangers will be deciding your fate if you do not take control of resolving your dispute on your own.  


And, think about it, a lawyer who serves as a mediator and who is helping you resolve your dispute so you do not need a lawyer can't be all bad. That’s who our mediators are at No Lawyers Allowed.  


“I take a no nonsense approach to mediations and know how to get this accomplished quickly and efficiently.”


“I have handled litigation and employment matters from both the plaintiff and defendant sides so I am familiar and can relate to positions presented from both sides.”


“[I use my experience as a litigator], as well as a sense of fairness and equity, to serve as a mediator and efficiently bring resolution to disputes.”


“Dispute resolution is my passion. I am able to connect with parties while drilling down on issues that will adjust their positions and guide them towards settlement.”



“Having participated as counsel, as a plaintiff, and as a defendant in hundreds of mediations across the country and in England, I understand the need to modify each mediation to the unique circumstances of the dispute and the individual participants.”

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.