No Lawyers Allowed Licensing Agreement – Mediation

In exchange for the undersigned paying Two-Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00) to No Lawyers Allowed LLC (“No Lawyers Allowed”), No Lawyers Allowed grants the undersigned a one-year (365 days) license (“License Term”) for the undersigned to use No Lawyers Allowed name, branding, imagery, and copyrighted materials for the exclusive purpose of performing and promoting No Lawyers Allowed mediations in one state in which the undersigned is licensed with a State Bar.  The undersigned may not use No Lawyers Allowed name, branding, imagery, or copyrighted materials for any other purpose during License Term without prior written consent of No Lawyers Allowed, and the undersigned shall have no right to use No Lawyers Allowed name branding, imagery, and copyrighted materials for any direct or indirect financial gain after the License Term (branded merchandise excepted).

So long as the undersigned remains in good standing with No Lawyers Allowed during the License Term by having a current Licensing Agreement, maintaining good standing with a State Bar, and being insured, the undersigned will be on the No Lawyers Allowed roster of mediators and may represent that position to others.  In the event that the undersigned falls out of good standing with No Lawyers Allowed, the undersigned is obligated to advise No Lawyers Allowed of that fact, and this License Agreement shall terminate without notice and without refund.      

The undersigned will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless No Lawyers Allowed from any and all claims, demands, or lawsuits brought against the undersigned or No Lawyers Allowed as a result of any action or inaction of the undersigned.

No Lawyers Allowed makes no representations or warranties that the undersigned will receive any mediation assignments.  Mediation assignments are issued to mediators on a rotating basis as disputes are registered and are ready for mediation.   Mediators have 24 hours after receipt of an assignment to run a conflict check and accept the mediation if they do not have a conflict.  If they have a conflict, or do not accept the mediation within 24 hours, the assignment to passed on to the next mediator on the roster. 


The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that No Lawyers Allowed will pay the undersigned seventy-five percent (75%) of the net mediation fees collected by No Lawyers Allowed from each mediation that the undersigned performs.  Payment will be made by No Lawyers Allowed to the undersigned by check within ten (10) days after each No Lawyers Allowed mediation completed by the undersigned. Payment for a mediation that is cancelled before mediation begins, but after the undersigned is sent mediation participation statements for review, will be twenty-five percent (25%) of the net mediation fees collected by No Lawyers Allowed on the cancelled mediation.  The undersigned further acknowledges and agrees that they are not entitled to any other compensation or reimbursement for performing No Lawyers Allowed mediations. 

This License Agreement is not assignable or transferrable in whole or part by the undersigned.  This License Agreement may, however, be assigned by No Lawyers Allowed without consent of, or notice to, the undersigned, provided any assignee agrees to honor the terms hereof.     


Any dispute arising out of this Licensing Agreement shall first go through No Lawyers Allowed mediation, and if No Lawyers Allowed mediation is not successful, then the dispute shall be submitted to No Lawyers Allowed arbitration for a binding decision to be issued by a single arbitrator.  Mediation and Arbitration shall take place in Boise, Idaho, to which such jurisdiction the undersigned voluntarily submits.  And, this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Idaho law. 


The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that this Licensing Agreement does not, and is not intended to, form a partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship between No Lawyers Allowed and the undersigned.  The undersigned’s relationship with No Lawyers Allowed is, and will remain, an independent contractor with license rights identified herein.    


The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that it has no authority to speak for, or bind, No Lawyers Allowed. The undersigned further acknowledges and agrees that it will not accept money from any mediation participant and that they will direct mediation participants to pay mediation fees directly to No Lawyers Allowed.

©2018 by No Lawyers Allowed Dispute Resolution.

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.