What Does Mediation with No Lawyers Allowed Look Like?

A No Lawyers Allowed mediation gets you on track towards a quick resolution, and in a cost-effective manner.  A No Lawyers Allowed mediation starts with someone - anyone - registering a dispute with No Lawyers Allowed. 

How it Starts - The Dispute Gets Registered  

You do not have to be involved in a dispute to register it.  Anyone can register it on the No Lawyers Allowed Website (or button below).     


The Invitation to Give Mediation a Shot Goes Out  

The people or businesses involved in a registered dispute will receive an email inviting them to give mediation a shot.  The invite contains information about mediation and why it makes sense to give it a shot.  If they agree to give it a shot, they receive an Agreement to Mediate right then and there on their computer or device.   

They review and sign the Agreement to Mediate right then and there online.  They then get an invoice to pay their portion of the mediation process fee right then and there.  They then get their access to mediation 

preparation materials through the online member portal. 

After everyone Agrees to Give it a Shot - It Is Time to Prepare for Mediation

With access to the member portal, the mediation participants will have access to multiple mediation preparation sessions designed to help people and businesses in a dispute get ready for their mediation.  There are written materials, videos, and audio materials. 


It is all on-line and you can access it at your convenience - whenever, wherever - as long as you have internet access.  Plus, work through the sessions at your own pace, but the sooner you get through them, the sooner you get to mediation. 

After completing the preparation sessions, we will help you prepare your mediation statement.  Again, it is all on-line.  Easy.  We break it down and walk you through it. 

The mediation statement is confidential.  Two people will see it - you and the mediator.  It is designed to help the mediator understand your dispute and the dynamics at play.  

The mediation statement is your chance to be open and honest with the mediator.  The more honest you can be in your mediation statement, the more the mediator will be able to assist with getting the dispute resolved.   

Once all people or businesses in the dispute have completed their training and submitted their mediation statements, they will all get an on-line invite to a group calendar to identify the dates and times that best work for scheduling the actual mediation date.  When commonly available dates and time are identified, mediation is scheduled.

What to Expect on Mediation Day

On the day of mediation, you will arrive on-time, confident and prepared, educated and motivated, and organized and committed to resolving your dispute - all without the costs of lawyers being involved.  Your professional and trained mediator will greet you, confirm that they reviewed your mediation statement, and start working to get the dispute resolved. 

The mediator will work with those in the dispute separately - as in everyone has their own room where they can speak to the mediator privately.  The mediators will move between the rooms to help all involved work toward a resolution. 

There are many approaches to reaching a resolution.  Don't doubt the magic of a good No Lawyers Allowed mediator. 

You will need to trust in the process and the mediator.  The mediator will not be on one side of the dispute or the other.  They will have one goal in mind - helping those in a dispute get it resolved.  They know you are committed enough to give mediation a try.  You need to know that they are there to make your commitment work.  

When you reach a resolution, the mediator will work with you to prepare a Resolution Agreement.  The Resolution Agreement will identity the dispute and how it was resolved and all the details necessary to make sure that what is supposed to happen to resolve the dispute actually happens. 

The Resolution Agreement is a binding and enforceable contract.  And, if someone does not do what they are supposed to do, the Resolution Agreement can be enforced.  And, it all starts and ends with No Lawyers Allowed summary dispute resolution process. 

What if the resolution Agreement Falls Apart? 

The Resolution Agreement will require another mediation if the Resolution Agreement is not honored.  If mediation fails, it is off to arbitration to learn why the Resolution Agreement was not honored, and if there is a legitimate excuse. 

No excuse for performance?  Well, then an award is issued by a No Lawyers Allowed arbitrator that can be turned into a judgment and enforced with the same weight as a judgment issued by a court after years of litigation - but, at No Lawyers Allowed, we get you there in less than 80 days - and, without the cost of lawyers. 

Go NLA today!  Get your justice with us!  Register a dispute with No Lawyers Allowed and get it resolved quickly, cost-effectively, and privately.    

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.