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After sending us your information, a pre-mediation facilitator will be in contact with you by email.

It is free and confidential.  List the email for the people with the dispute.  We will send an email invitation to all of the people involved, but we do not reveal who registered the dispute for mediation. 


Our email invitation includes information about the benefit of mediation and why it should be tried.  If everyone agrees to mediation, we will prepare you for mediation on-line.  We will also schedule a mediation for a date and time that works for everyone.  Mediation will then take place with a trained mediator.


Standard mediation sessions are $1,000 for half-a-day session and $250.00 per hour thereafter.  Exceptions may apply, but we try to keep it a cost-effective way to resolve disputes.  If a dispute involves two people, each would pay half of the $1,000, so $500 each.

That's far cheaper than hiring a lawyer.  


Options for paying are self-pay, friends and family can pay for you, or you can apply for our No Lawyers Allowed Financial Aid. 

Anyone interested in expanding access to dispute resolution can donate to the No Lawyers Allowed Financial Aid Fund here. 

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.