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Thank you for responding to the No Lawyers Allowed invitation to mediation.  We hope that you have resolved your dispute and that is why you have decline the invitation. 

If you do not resolve your dispute on your own, and still want to avoid having to hire lawyers, you can always come back to No Lawyers Allowed.  You can register your dispute, or anyone’s dispute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on our Website

The great part of registering a dispute with No Lawyers Allowed is that no one receiving the invitation will know who is suggesting mediation.   We’ve found that to be a useful tool because often times people think that requesting a mediation, or talking about resolving a dispute, makes them look weak. 

Not at No Lawyers Allowed, though.  Everyone who comes here is brave and strong.  They are willing to take on ownership of their dispute and its resolution.  They are not willing to hand their dispute off to lawyers and a judge and twelve strangers in a jury box.   

If you need us, we’ll be here – for you and anyone you might know who is in need of assistance resolving a dispute.  We handle all kinds of disputes.  Just let us know.  Thank you.     

©2018 by No Lawyers Allowed Dispute Resolution.

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.