I, the undersigned participant, agree to use the mediation services of a No Lawyers Allowed licensed mediator to facilitate a resolution of my dispute, and acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:


1.  I agree and understand that the mediator are advocates for dispute resolution.  The mediator will maintain impartiality towards all participants.  I agree and understand that neither No Lawyers Allowed nor the mediator will give me legal advice, and neither No Lawyers Allowed nor the mediator is my lawyer.


2.  I agree and understand that the mediator is not an employee or agent of No Lawyers Allowed, and that No Lawyers Allowed is not responsible to any action or inaction of the mediator. 


3.  I agree and understand that all statements made during the mediation process are confidential and privileged and I will not share them with anyone outside of the mediation.   What happens at mediation is not admissible and I will not subpoena or call on the mediator to testify or produce any materials from the mediation process.


4.  I agree and understand that the mediator will meet with participants separately.  Information shared with the mediator is confidential and will not be disclosed by the mediator unless the participant authorizes disclosure.


5.  I agree and understand that the mediation fee due to No Lawyers Allowed is a minimum of $1,000.00, and covers my access to No Lawyers Allowed mediation preparation materials and up to a four-hour mediation session, and that this fee will be split equally among participants and I will pay my portion, and that all payments must be made on-line through No Lawyers Allowed. Payment is due upon signing this agreement.  Additional mediation time will be charged at $250/hour in one-hour blocks and will also be split equally among participants and paid while at mediation on-line through No Lawyers Allowed.  By this agreement, I agree and understand that the mediation fees paid are non-refundable after they are paid, without exception – even if one or all participants cancel or back out of mediation – and that I will be responsible for any and all costs associated with my attempt to contest or chargeback fees paid.  


6.  I agree and understand that No Lawyers Allowed and its licensed mediator cannot guaranty a resolution of my dispute.  Because mediation is a voluntary process, and the mediator cannot issue a resolution, reaching a resolution is up to those involved in the dispute.


7.  I have full authority to resolve my dispute.  I do not need to check with anyone, and no one other than me has any interest in the dispute or its outcome. 


8.  I do not want to have to hire a lawyer or have my dispute go to court.   I am committed to the mediation process and will participate in good faith with the goal of resolving my dispute.  I promise that I will not give any false information to the mediator.


9.  I agree and understand that if my dispute is resolved at mediation, that a resolution agreement will be entered into and that it will include an mediation and arbitration clause that will require any dispute over the terms of a resolution agreement to be resolved through No Lawyers Allowed mediation and, if unsuccessful, No Lawyers Allowed arbitration under the then applicable rules posted on No Lawyers Allowed arbitration webpage.  A No Lawyers Allowed arbitrator will be assigned to hear our dispute and will issue a binding decision that may be turned into a judgment and enforced.     


10.  Any dispute arising out of this Agreement to Mediation shall first go through No Lawyers Allowed mediation, and if No Lawyers Allowed mediation is not successful, then the dispute shall be submitted to No Lawyers Allowed arbitration for a binding decision to be issued by a single arbitrator.  Mediation and Arbitration shall take place in Boise, Idaho, and this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Idaho law, as to No Lawyers Allowed, as the state and county of the participants as to any dispute between them.  

©2018 by No Lawyers Allowed Dispute Resolution.

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.