No Lawyers Allowed Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services is an organization empowering people to resolve disputes quickly, cost-effectively, and privately.  No Lawyers Allowed was started by, of all things, a lawyer. It was started by a lawyer who recognized that people with problems had too few options for handling them without lawyers being involved.

Lawyers serve a valiant purpose in our society, and No Lawyers Allowed celebrates that.  Rarely do people come to lawyers with good news and it is not easy to live with other people’s problems like lawyers do.

Lawyers are sometimes very necessary to resolve disputes in court.  But, we have to recognize that not every dispute justifies hiring lawyers and heading off to court.  Highly ethical lawyers will discuss this economic reality with their clients. Other lawyers may not.  In either case, however, where else is there for people in a dispute to go?


Mediation has long been recognized as an effective tool for dispute resolution. But, traditionally, it is has not been accessible to all.


Lawyers have become the gatekeepers to mediation.  Mediation typically takes place after a lawsuit is filed through lawyers.  And, mediation tends to take place late in the litigation process, and after clients have spent a lot of money in legal fees.  By then, clients have two problems - the one they brought to their lawyer and the fact that they spent a lot of money in legal fees.  Once at mediation, the problem grows.  The client is paying the lawyer to attend mediation and paying a mediator.  

It is these kinds of financial and procedural barriers that No Lawyers Allowed seeks to remove.  No Lawyers Allowed is making dispute resolution accessible and affordable to all.  We can assist with resolution of all types of disputes, in all 50 states.  And, we are bringing mediation into the 21st century by using technology to make it all happen.   

The only barrier to mediation at No Lawyers Allowed is the willingness of those in a dispute to commit to getting the dispute resolved. No Lawyers Allowed will take care of the rest.


We welcome you to join No Lawyers Allowed in its mission to empower anyone in a dispute with the tools of resolution.  Everyone should have the opportunity to resolve their dispute without unnecessary conflict, without unnecessary expense of time and money, and without having to get lawyers involved.  That is truly justice for all. 

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*No Lawyers Allowed does not give legal advice. We educate folks about options for handling problems without needing to involve lawyers and courts, and we offer mediation and dispute resolution services. If you want legal advice, you should hire an attorney.